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More than a DEX

A cross-chain DeFi hub offering an all-in-one package for Swapping, Yield Farming, Launchpad and more

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Swap seamlessly on Telos & Mantle

No Registration, No Barriers

Dive into the Future of Decentralized Finance: Experience Low Slippage, Swift Transactions, and an Unrestricted, Barrier-Free Environment on Telos & Mantle's Premier Trading Platform.


Easily swap tokens using our advanced trading mechanism. With concentrated liquidity, we ensure optimal price ranges and minimal slippage


Provide liquidity in set ranges to maximize your returns through liquidity efficiency

Limit Orders

Take advantage of fully decentralized limit orders to automatically buy or sell at specified prices

The Igloo

Earn returns from a wide range of products in the Igloo. From simple staking products to more complex solutions The Igloo provides ICE with a wide range of utility.


Launch your own project with the Swapsicle Launch Launchpad! We help you every step of the way With marketing support, liquidity provision, and more!

Ice Cream Zombies

Become part of our elite club by purchasing an Ice Cream Zombie Club NFT. NFTs provide a wide range of benefits and upgrades throughout the Swapsicle ecosystem

Learn with our Educational Video Series

Follow along as we explain the core concepts of Swapsicle all in one, easy to understand video series.

V2 Overview

Learn about the core concepts of Swapsicle V2 and how you can take advantage of the innovative new features coming to Swapsicle

  • Ice Cream Van 2.0
  • New Products
  • Enhanced NFT Utility

New Tokenomics

In the second episode of our Educational Series we dive into the utility of our new tokens, SLUSH and ICE

  • Introducing SLUSH and ICE
  • Duel Token Economy
  • New Deflationaty Mechanisms

The Igloo

Explore the Igloo, your central hub all things ICE

  • Freeze SLUSH for ICE
  • Utilize ICE and earn
  • Defrost ICE

Powered by Concentrated Liquidity

Why settle for less. Swapsicle utilizes the power of concentrated liquidity to provide exceptional swap rates and low transaction fees.

Swaps made simple

Experience seamless swapping like never before. Dive into instant, efficient, and secure token exchanges, ensuring you get the best value for your trades. Harness the power of concentrated liquidity and elevate your crypto experience.

  • Low Fees
  • Low Slippage
  • Faster Than Ever

Smart Liquidity

Unlock the power of Concentrated Liquidity. Optimize your assets by providing liquidity at set ranges to maximize returns.

  • Single & Duel Sided Managed Liquidity
  • Optimize yield with Gamma (Coming Soon)
  • Limit Orders (Coming Soon)

Farming 2.0

Discover farming yields backed by Concentrated Liquidity. Focus your assets where they matter most, optimizing yield and minimizing slippage for others. Cultivate smarter, earn bigger.

  • Stake LP & earn extra yield
  • Single & Duel token rewards
  • Boost rewards by staking ICE (Coming Soon)

Earn with Igloo

The central hub for all things ICE. Earn ICE throughout the ecosystem and multiply your earnings with the range of products on offer within Igloo. Igloo is constantly evolving so stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!

Ice Cream Van


Stake ICE in the Ice Cream Van and earn a share of transaction fees.

Rewards paid out in the networks native currency, TLOS or MNT.

Stake, Claim or Withdraw anytime. No lockup period.

Zombie Van

Zombie Van

Stake ICE and boost with Ice Cream Zombie Club NFTs.

Reserved pot available exclusively for Ice Cream Zombie Club members.

Stake, Claim or Withdraw anytime.

Instant Liquidity


Skip defrosting and provide liquidity directly from ICE.

Earn additional rewards by staking LP into farms.

Coming shortly after V2 launch.